GitaRam Gurukul

Anti-child Labour Day Observtion Program

"Anti-child Labour Day Observtion at GitaRam Gurukul"

Gitaram Gurukul Says No to Child Labor!

GitaRam Gurukul took a stand against child exploitation on Anti-Child Labour Day. Through a special program held on 12th June 2024, students were empowered to become aware of this critical issue.

Interactive activities, discussions, and presentations shed light on the realities of child labor and its detrimental effects. Students weren’t just informed; they were inspired to become advocates for a world where every child receives an education and pursues their dreams, free from exploitation.

This observance program wasn’t just about raising awareness within the school walls. It served as a call to action for the entire community. By participating in activities like creating posters or role-playing exercises, students became agents of change, spreading the message that every child deserves a bright future.

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