GitaRam Gurukul

Inter-House Kabaddi Match at GitaRam Gurukul 2024

"Blue House Team Jyoti Wins Inter-House Kabaddi Clash!"

The roar of the crowd at GitaRam Gurukul’s playground on Friday, June 28th, was enough to wake a sleeping lion! Students from four houses – Blue House(Jyoti), Red House(Jagriti), Yellow House(Shakti), and Green House(Kriti) participated in a great Kabaddi battle. They were fighting tooth and nail, displaying incredible ability and Skills.

Jyoti shines brightest!

After an exciting close match filled with lunges, dodges and relentless cheers, the Blue House team, Jyoti, won! They played together like a well-oiled machine, defeated their opponents and won the championship title!

Jagriti, awakening roars in Kabaddi clash!

Don’t forget the Red House team, Jagriti! They showed outstanding sportsmanship and talent throughout the competition. Jyoti finished the event as a strong first runner-up. They didn’t give up even though they lost, they proved themselves to be a force to be reckoned with in future competitions, so keep an eye out!

Shakti and Kriti: The Rising Stars!

Meanwhile, the Shakti Squad of Yellow House and Kriti Gladiators of Green House impressed everyone with their tactical play and impressive skills. Although they didn’t make it to the top this time around, the green squad secured a strong third runner-up finish through a hard-fought battle. Watch out for these rising stars – they’ll be serious contenders next time!

This is more than just a game.

It was more than who won this kabaddi match and how they teamed up to win their team! It was a celebration for the entire GitaRam Gurukul community. Students from several houses attended and the school spirit, sportsmanship, and enthusiasm they showed for him was unparalleled.

It was a day of friendly competition that will provide them and us with lifelong memories. Congratulations to Jyoti, Jagriti, Shakti, and Kriti for their incredible performances! They all played with heart, and that’s what truly matters.

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