GitaRam Gurukul

World Environment Day 2024

"Students' Initiative for Protecting the Nature: World Environment Day Observation 2024"

In honor of World Environment Day 2024, GitaRam Gurukul students showcased their commitment to protecting nature through a special initiative titled “Students’ Initiative for Protecting the Nature.” Divided into four dedicated groups, students participated in a range of engaging activities that promoted environmental awareness and action.

One group focused on the future of our planet by carrying out a plant implantation project. By getting their hands dirty and planting new saplings, these students actively contributed to restoring the local ecosystem. Another group used their creativity to raise awareness through an art competition. Their colorful drawings and posters on environmental themes served as powerful messages for the school community and beyond.

This student-driven initiative demonstrates the passion and dedication of GitaRam Gurukul‘s young generation towards environmental protection. Their efforts not only benefit the school grounds but also inspire others to take action for a greener future.

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