GitaRam Gurukul

Absence – Leave – Late Arrival in School


Pupils must be present:

    • On the first and last working day before and after a vacation, failing which the pupil will face action.
    • On days marked for occasions to be celebrated in school, Parent’s cooperation is essential in this matter as irregular, insufficient attendance may prevent promotion or be debarred from appearing in the Final Examinations. Students whose attendance falls below 75% will be asked to withdraw from appearing the Final Examinations, (a minimum attendance of 75% in both curricular ECA/FA/SUPW classes is mandatory). In all cases absent must be recorded in the Hand Book / a letter of absent must be submitted. In case of absence of more than two consecutive days the school must be informed.
    • Absence of more than three consecutive days on medical grounds must be supported with a Medical Certificate.
    • If the illness has been of an infectious nature, the medical certificate must state that the quarantine period has been completed.
    • All communication with school regarding the pupil must bear the pupil’s name, class and section.
    • Half a day’s leave is not granted normally, in case of any emergency, requests must be made personally.
    • Leave is not granted for occasions like marriage of relatives and social functions.
    • Pupils who remain absent for a month or more are liable to have their names struck off the rolls and as may not be readmitted.
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