GitaRam Gurukul

Positive Behavior Management


    • Students must show restraint in their behaviour. Talking loudly in the corridors, classrooms, assembly ground or other places in schools not permitted.
    • The morning assembly is compulsory for students and teachers. Students should reach the Assembly area silently in a disciplined queue after the morning bell.
    • Students must always maintain disciplined behavior while waiting for a class. They should always move in queues.
    • Electronic Gadgets (mobile phone, I-pod, camera, pendrive) if found, will be confiscated by the school authority and will not be returned back till the end of the school tenure.
    • Chewing gum is not allowed.
    • Students are strictly prohibited from wearing jewellery like rings, chains, bangles, bracelets and expensive watches.
    • Students are also forbidden to paint nails and use cosmetics. For girls with long hair, it must be neatly tied and plaited.
    • Every student should carry their identity card and school Handbook everyday.
    • Extra books other than assigned textbooks or money cannot be brought to school without teacher’s permission.
    • Students must always wear clean and proper uniform and keep themselves hygienic.
    • Students must always use a tissue or napkin while sneezing and cover their mouth while coughing or yawning.
    • Students cannot bring money to school unless specifically asked to The school is not responsible for the loss of goods or money.
    • Students must always wear their uniforms when they are coming to school.
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