GitaRam Gurukul

Fancy Dress Show

"GitaRam Gurukul's Whimsical Delight: Fancy Dress Show for LKG-V"

On the 10th of November 2023, GitaRam Gurukul School transformed into a kaleidoscope of colours and creativity with the enchanting Fancy Dress Show. The event, tailored for our little stars from LKG to V, was a delightful spectacle where students adorned imaginative costumes, bringing characters to life.

The school premises echoed with laughter and joy as these young performers took center stage, showcasing an array of characters, from fairy-tale princesses to superheroes and historical figures. The Fancy Dress Show not only encouraged self-expression but also fostered confidence and creativity among the budding talents.

GitaRam Gurukul believes in nurturing holistic development, and the Fancy Dress Show was a charming example of how the school celebrates the unique personalities and creativity of its youngest learners. The event was filled with moments of innocence, wonder, and the pure joy of childhood, creating cherished memories for both participants and spectators alike.

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