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Fruit Day Celebration

GitaRam School’s UKG students celebrated a delightful “Fruit Day” on 27th July 2023 on the school campus. The event was a colourful and joyous affair, where young learners enthusiastically showcased their knowledge about various fruits. The little ones came dressed in vibrant fruit-themed costumes, adding a cheerful atmosphere to the celebration.

During the Fruit Day, students took part in interactive activities, such as fruit-themed games and quizzes, encouraging their creativity and learning. They also enjoyed a scrumptious fruit feast, relishing a wide assortment of fresh and juicy fruits.

The event not only promoted a healthy and nutritious diet among the young minds but also instilled in them an appreciation for nature’s bounty. Parents, teachers, and staff witnessed the enthusiasm and innocence of the UKG students, making the Fruit Day Celebration a memorable experience for all.

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Overall, the Fruit Day Celebration was a resounding success, fostering a love for fruits and healthy eating habits among the little ones, while also creating lasting memories of fun and learning at GitaRam School.


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