GitaRam Gurukul

National Nutrition Week celebration

"National Nutrition Week Celebration at GitaRam Gurukul School"

In order to highlight the critical role that nutrition plays in our lives, GitaRam Gurukul School enthusiastically observed National Nutrition Week on its grounds. This ceremony served as a reminder of our dedication to the overall well-being of our pupils and to holistic education.

Our school community participated in educational sessions and exercises all during the week to increase awareness of the value of a healthy diet. The nutritional value of various foods was explained to students, and they were urged to choose healthier diets. To inform both students and teachers on the relevance of adequate nutrition in upholding a healthy lifestyle, special workshops, and interactive sessions were held.

The purpose of the celebration was to encourage good changes in our everyday routines as well as to convey knowledge. Our school made a concerted effort to promote wellbeing and cultivate a culture of health consciousness.

The GitaRam Gurukul School holds that a healthy diet is the cornerstone of a happy and successful life. Our children are given the tools they need to make wise decisions for a healthier, more promising future through programs like the National Nutrition Week celebration.

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