GitaRam Gurukul

'Safe Drive, Save Life' Rally & Competition

"Promoting Road Safety: 'Safe Drive, Save Life' Rally & Competition 2023 at GitaRam Gurukul School"

With the launch of the ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ Campaign on October 12, 2023, GitaRam Gurukul School made a significant contribution to road safety. The rally and competition at the event were entertaining and had as their goal spreading awareness of responsible and safe driving habits.

Through a passionate rally, students, teachers, and staff worked together to spread the word about driving safety. They marched together while toting banners and posters that emphasized the value of safe driving practices.

The day included a competition that prompted children to use artistic expression to share their opinions on driving safety. Exhibitions of student work, including essays, projects, and artwork, demonstrated their dedication to making roadways safer in the future.

GitaRam Gurukul is committed to creating responsible citizens and raising awareness about problems that have an impact on our daily lives, as demonstrated through the “Safe Drive, Save Life” Campaign. It was a day full of knowledge, passion, and a strong plea to make everyone’s journeys on our roads safer.

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