GitaRam Gurukul

World Environment Day

World Environment Day Celebration at GitaRam Gurukul

The environment is something that we should nurture all the time. There is a saying that, what we are saving today, will save us tomorrow. With this belief, our beloved students celebrate World Environment Day each year on June 5. Through this program, they get an excellent opportunity to explore nature on their own. They plant trees and work on different art to portray the importance of nature. Students of various branches of the department participated and celebrated world environmental day enthusiastically. A lot of enthusiasm was seen in the students.
We believe that students should know the importance of nature from the very beginning of their academic journey. So we take this initiative to organize a Plantation Drive which the students have completed. All the faculty members also take part in this program with full of enthusiasm. The main objective of this program is to spread awareness among people about saving our mother Earth.
Every year our students start this special day by taking an oath that no one will pollute the environment and if anybody does, we will protest.

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